List or Twist Game

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In this fast-paced game, players split into two teams and take it in turns to try to guess what's listed on the card by the clues made up by a player on their team. They then switch things up and play off against each other, with things coming to a head during a bonus round! Each time a clue is offered, the team can either List by requesting another clue, or Twist by guessing the answer! But don't ask for too many clues or guess incorrectly, as each time you do you lose points!

Perfect to play with family or a group of friends, the game is suitable for ages 8+, 4 to 10 players and has an average 30 minutes gameplay. Printed on FSC paper and with vegetable inks.

CATEGORY-GUESSING GAME - You'll need to think quickly in List or Twist from Ridley's Games! Two teams take turns trying to guess the category listed on the card by the clues made up by a player on their team.

FUN FOR EVERYONE - Perfect for friends, families, and card game lovers, this game is fun for everyone! Plus it's fast-paced, easy to play and quick to learn!

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY GAME - Packaged in a small box, it’s easy to bring this portable game to wherever the party is! Suitable for 4-10 players, ages 8+. Average gameplay is 30 minutes.