Glanta Kiddush Cup

$36.00 USD

Introducing the Glanta Cup: Artistry in Every Sip!

Experience the unique allure of our Glanta Cup series, where artistry meets functionality. Crafted with an indescribable texture that falls between matte and glossy, these vessels boast a captivating gradation achieved through the meticulous application of various glazes. The result? Irregularly shaped, soft forms that make each cup a distinctive masterpiece.

Designed with your drinking pleasure in mind, the Glanta Cup features long, decorative stems meticulously balanced for effortless holding. Ideal for any beverage, this vessel promises not just utility but an exquisite aesthetic to elevate your sipping experience.

Versatility meets convenience with the Glanta Cup, as it's microwave and dishwasher safe, ensuring easy maintenance. While it's a perfect companion for your daily sips, please note that it is not suitable for oven use, open fire, or induction heating.

Size: W70 x D70 x H75mm