Fun with Origami Animals Kit

$16.00 USD

Introducing our Fun with Origami Animals Kit: 40 Different Animals! Unleash the creative spirit in your kids with this all-in-one origami kit, featuring a vibrant array of 40 different adorable animals. From Penelope the Panda to Bert the Bunny and Louis the Ladybug, this kit is designed by paper engineer Sam Ita, ensuring each animal can be easily folded in 10 steps or less.

Engage your little ones in the art of paper folding as they embark on a delightful journey of creating charming paper animals. The kit comes complete with colorfully patterned folding sheets for each animal, enhancing the visual appeal of the final creations. Watch as your children bring these cute creatures to life in just a few easy steps.

Inside the kit, you'll find a double-sided folding sheet for each animal, adding an extra layer of excitement to the origami experience. The accompanying full-color book provides simple instructions, making it a breeze for kids to follow along and master the art of origami. Each model is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless and enjoyable folding process.

Whether it's Penelope the Panda with her easy 3-step fold, Bert the Bunny with 3D ears in just 4 steps, or the magical assembly of Louis the Ladybug, this kit offers a diverse range of models to keep your kids entertained and engaged for hours.