Cat-a-gories Game

$30.00 USD

A fast-thinking, vocabulary-building, dice swiping game purrrr-fect for each of your 9 lives. To play, each player puts a cat paw on one of their fingers. A cat*a*gory card is drawn and announced to the other players. the dice are thrown and everyone shouts "MEOW" (which means "GO!" in human language). Everyone plays at once. Each player yells out words that begin with the letter on the dice and fits the category. That player uses their paw to swipe the dice towards themselves. Once the dice is in front of a player it is theirs the round. After all the dice are collected, the player with the most dice wins the card. Watch out for the WILD dice too. Wild dice are marked with a cat paw. When a wild is rolled players shout an answer that begins with any letter as long as it fits the cat*a*gory card. The player at the end who has won the most cards, wins!