Castle & Princess Cat Mini Suitcase Doll

$38.00 USD

Introducing our enchanting Castle & Princess Cat Mini Suitcase Doll – the purrfect fusion of feline charm and regal elegance! This whimsical creation is the ultimate gift for cat lovers and princess enthusiasts alike, offering a delightful blend of playfulness and sophistication.

Nestled within a meticulously crafted mini suitcase, the laminated stitched card exterior features a captivating castle illustration, transporting imaginations to a fairy-tale realm. The suitcase is adorned with a gold twisted rope handle, adding a touch of royal flair to this portable haven of fun.

Unveil the magic within as you open the suitcase to reveal the star of the show – our princess cat doll! Crafted from soft calico, this regal feline is the epitome of grace, complete with a removable dress fashioned from layers of blue, mustard, pale coral, and pink tulle. Watch as your little one brings their imagination to life, creating adventures for the princess cat both at home and on the go.

To add a touch of royalty, the princess cat comes adorned with a removable glimmering gold glitter and pink felt crown, allowing for endless moments of dress-up delight. And for those cozy nights in the castle, a striped cotton quilt is included, providing the perfect setting for royal slumbers.

Designed with young adventurers in mind, this mini suitcase doll is suitable for ages 3 and above, encouraging creativity and imaginative play. The compact dimensions of 4.25 x 5.5 x 2 inches make it an ideal companion for journeys or playdates.