Card Game - Top Of Mind

$20.00 USD

Introducing the Card Game - Top Of Mind: A Telepathic Twist on Party Fun!

Elevate your game night with Top Of Mind, a thrilling and fast-paced card game that puts your telepathy skills to the ultimate test! With over 400 categories spanning from farm animals to pizza toppings, TV shows to days of the week, this game guarantees endless entertainment and surprises. Guess what your fellow players will answer, and the more minds you sync with, the more points you earn!

Key Features:

Explore over 400 entertaining categories, from farm animals to pizza toppings, ensuring each round is a new and exciting experience.

Rack up points by aligning your answers with others, creating a competitive yet light-hearted atmosphere.

Top Of Mind makes for an ideal gift, bringing joy and laughter to friends and family alike. Inject the perfect amount of fun into any gathering with this fast-paced and engaging card game.