Build A Flashlight Kit

$35.00 USD

This science kit contains everything you need to build a flashlight and understand the basics of electricity. You will discover the electrical components to build an electrical circuit. But moreover you will understand the mysteries of electricity. Finally a lamp that doesn't hide its wires in a black box but highlights them!

How does it work? Start by sorting the different components: bulb, cables, switch. After assembly, the lamp is more than just a toy: you'll really be able to use it for reading at night and for all your adventures in the dark.

What will you learn? - Assemble a basic electrical circuit and identify the components - The open/closed circuit and the switch - The formation of electric current. - Alternating / direct current -

What is inside a battery? - Atoms: free electrons, protons, neutrons

What is in the kit? Wooden elements, electrical components, cables, switch, battery box, light bulb, protective bubble, rubber bands, screws, nuts.

Made in France